Bali Villa Rent Mentari

Villa Mentari

The moment you drive past the guard house, the giant teak gates and the bridge spanning the river that cuts the property in two, you enter the luxurious and spacious world of Mentari, the largest villa in North Bali and perhaps in all Bali.

If you arrive at night, the bright glass-enclosed lights along the winding road will guide you to the entrance of the main house. If you arrive during the day, you will see that the drive follows the bend of a river that often times rises within its stone banks with wildly rushing storm water.

If you are fortunate enough to arrive very early in the morning and walk to the front of the Villa, you will see the day star hanging like a brilliant jewel over the shining crown of the main gazebo and soon the first rays of the sun shooting across the immense stillness of the Java Sea where only a few ancient Balinese fishing boats chug on the quiet water like some insects skimming on a blue pool.

And soon fishermen will wade in the ocean and slowly pull their nets out of the water while old women will sit on the beach, murmuring around a dying fire. And soon the rays of the rising sun will bathe the foothills of the northern Balinese mountains in red and gold—and a typical Mentari day will have begun.

Villa Mentari

Villa Mentari

A World in Itself

The Villa is as beautiful a spot as one could find anywhere in Bali and all its diversities make it almost a world in itself. On the eastern side of its extensive circuit is a dense banana plantation; on the west, a high wall; on the south, the river and its wild reaches; and on the north, an unusually wide swath of black sand beach.

This very private, almost naturally enclosed property supplies its visitor with nearly all the verdure he might desire. There are magnificently landscaped gardens with coconut palms, flowering frangipani and bougainvilleas near the main house, fruit groves with papayas and bananas near the plantation, rubber trees near the guest bungalow, and near the river huge bamboo groves that seem to sweep the sky and whose far-reaching stems shelter a meditation boulder and a rendezvous spot with table and chairs.

And throughout the property there are romantic walks and an arching teak bridge that somehow bring all these diverse gardens and groves together to form a harmonious whole.

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